10 Most Useful Kitchen Tools for 2023

Whether you're just starting out in the kitchen or you're a seasoned pro, having the correct kitchen utensils is essential for crafting delicious and nutritious meals. Preparing food can be a rewarding experience and it’s a great way to feel good about what you’re putting into your body.

To help make your cooking experience as enjoyable and effortless as possible, here's our recommended list of the 10 must-haves kitchen tools to help make your cooking experience easier!

1. Kitchen Tool Sets

Having the right kitchen tools is a must if you're an organized person with a passion for cooking and who loves experimenting with different flavors and textures.
These sets typically comprise a selection of knives, ladles, skimmers, serving spoons, and other utensils, allowing you to cook with ease.

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2. Silicon Spatulas

Spatula is a useful kitchen tool for mixing wet and dry ingredients together and also scraping the sides of mixing bowls or flipping delicate foods.
Here are 2 reasons why you should pick the Silicon Spatula over the plastic or the rubber one:
1. It won't break, scratch, or shatter and they will probably last for years.
2. It offers the flexibility of a traditional rubber spatula with the heat-resistant qualities of a metal kitchen utensil.

 Silicon Spatula

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3. Tongs

Kitchen tongs are an essential tool for any kitchen. You can use them for a variety of tasks from flipping food in a pan to transferring items from one plate or container to another.
The advantages of having kitchen tongs are numerous:

  • Safety: Kitchen tongs can be used to safely handle hot items in the kitchen, such as flipping food in a pan or transferring items from a hot pot or container. 
  • Versatile: Kitchen tongs can be used to pick up, flip, and move a variety of items in the kitchen, including vegetables, meat, and pasta. 
  • Sanitary: Kitchen tongs help keep hands away from food, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and keeping food preparation surfaces clean. 
  • Easy to store: Kitchen tongs are easy to store, as they can be hung up on a hook or stored in a drawer.

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    4. Graters

    The grater is an extremely versatile kitchen tool and its durable and easy to clean. It can be used to grate hard cheeses, vegetables, spices, and even chocolate. Additionally, its multiple sides can be used to slice and shred both hard and soft ingredients, making it a great tool for prepping a range of dishes.

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    5. Measuring Cups and Scoops

    Measuring tools provide an easy and accurate way to measure recipe ingredients and ensure that all ingredients are proportioned correctly. They also help to ensure that the food you prepare is safe and consistent.
    Additionally, measuring cups and scoops make it much easier to portion out ingredients into individual servings. These tools are indispensable for any kitchen, from water for cooking to milk and sugar for baking.

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    6. Splatter Screens

    A splatter screen is a round or rectangular metal kitchen tool with a fine mesh surface that is placed over a pan or skillet to prevent hot oil and other liquids from splattering onto the stovetop or countertop.
    Splatter screens can help reduce the amount of oil and other liquids that splatter onto the stovetop and countertop Keeping the kitchen clean, protecting against burns, and most important part preserving flavor.

    splatter screen

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    7. Hamburger Press

    The best thing about the Hamburger press is that you can cook a healthy, tasty, perfectly shaped homemade burger. You can choose your own ingredients and control the size and shape of the burgers. You can also create your own custom burger to fit your tastes. In addition, a hamburger maker is easy to use and clean.

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    8. Knife Sharpeners

    With a sharpener, you can achieve precise and accurate cuts with ease. Sharp knives last longer and are safer to use. When they become dull, they can slip, creating a risk of injury. Therefore, investing in a knife sharpener is a great way to ensure your knives are always sharp and safe to use.

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    9. Strainers

    A kitchen strainer is a kitchen utensil used to strain liquids and separate large food particles from small particles. Kitchen strainers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are usually made of metal mesh, plastic mesh, or finely woven fabric. They are used to strain pasta, rice, and other cooked foods, as well as to remove seeds, skins, and other particles from sauces, stocks, and other liquids.

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    10. Ravioli & Pastry Cutters

    Having a Ravioli and Pastry Crimper Wheel and Press Stamps in your kitchen can help make your meals both beautiful and tasty. The Ravioli and Pastry Crimper Wheel will give your dough edges a professional look, while the Press Stamps let you add a special touch, imprinting a variety of shapes into the dough. These tools will make sure your creations wow your friends and family.

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    In a nutshell, while not everyone cooks the same foods, and not everyone has the same cooking skills, still these tools are just about everyone's needs in the kitchen and the best part about these necessary tools is that they will not cost you a fortune and can help you make delicious food!

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